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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We’re a group uber-geeks with different specialties and backgrounds getting together once a week to talk about what’s hot, what’s not, what we like and don’t like and why. Conversation is frank, candid, and sometimes a little crude. Every week we try to get a UNIX/Linux geek, a Microsoft/Windows geek, and a Apple/Mac geek together to talk about current topics and why their choice of OS is better than the others.

Check out our web site/blog: http://geekmuse.net/

Subscribe to our podcast: http://geekmuse.net/podcast/

geek \geek\ (g[=e]k), n.

    An intellectually inclined person, especially one
    who is interested in scientific or technical subjects; as,
    a group of geeks wearing pocket protectors; — originally
    a deprecatory and contemptuous term, but in the 1990’s,
    with the increase in popularity of computers and the
    frequency of accumulation of great wealth by computer
    entrepreneurs, it has come to be used with noticeable
    frequency by technically competent people to refer to
    themselves, ironically and sometimes proudly. [Informal]

Muse \Muse\,

  1. verb: To think on; to meditate on.
  2. noun: the source of an artist’s inspiration

We let it slip often in the podcast, but in case you were curious, we’re based out of Fargo, North Dakota, USA.

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