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Monday, August 11, 2008

After reading the new campaign that Microsoft launched, they are such tricky champs, Oh my! They persuaded me, I’m installing Windows Vista Now… NOT!


I mean, could you refute the lack of excitement these ‘test subjects’ showed. After all they didn’t even touch the workstation for what I could see, and the whole test was more of a presentation or non-hands-on demo. If you add a rattling noise or a cricket at any point when they’re made aware it is Vista what they’re experiencing, it could not have been more appropriate.

In any case, I think they should think about naming their experiments and the outcome carefully. Or some may say “The Mojave Experiment was a success, it feels arid, not much too see or feel there, Vista will leave you feeling like you’re… in a desert.

And I am not alone with this sentiment of failure, read this post at Microsoft Watch: Why the Mojave Experiment Fails

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