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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Following this great article, I installed Windows Mobile 6.5 this morning on my HTC Touch Pro (Sprint, CDMA).  This is the transition interface between Windows Mobile 6.1 (and prior, back to Windows Pocket PC 2000 even) with the original Windows Mobile interface and the new Windows Phone 7, Zune-convergence interface.

My experience has been pretty good, although the UI does studder a little when using it.  I’m really getting used to at this point, but I have only been playing with it for about 30 minutes.  3 kids have a way of delaying some of my geeking off.

Its obvious that this is a way to start bringing the UI back to Microsoft, instead of partners like HTC, developing engaging phone user interfaces.  This is something for Microsoft to be proud of, but I’d hardly argue that its a quantum shift in UIs, like the iPhone was when it first came out.  Again, it is also obvious that Microsoft is trying to converge the Zune and their Windows Mobile line, as Apple has with the iPhone.  Is it a surprise that Microsoft is aiming at Apple, given their dominance in the mobile music player market, and their coveted smartphones? 

We’ll see if Microsoft gains marketshare through the work to develop convergence of their devices.  What do you think?  Feel free to share!


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