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  1. Heard your comment about very few emails and no voice mails. Well – I really enjoy your show. Just one of the silent listeners out here.
    I learn a few things on every podcast.

    Thanks A lot.

    Comment by Stan — December 13, 2006 @ 17:29

  2. Nem – Lefsae is the best thing in the world. Bite your tongue. ;-)I’ve been looking at getting a laptop at some point and I would _really_ like to get a MacBook Pro (for the upgraded video and the matte screen), but it’s hard to justify the price when I can get a comperable Dell for nearly half the cost new or 1/4 of the cost refurbished.

    Comment by Jeff Kamp — December 1, 2006 @ 10:27

  3. Hello, just listened to the pod cast and caught the mention of Dream host. I just switched away from them a few months ago, not sure if you’ve paid them already but be aware of your refund period. When i was with them they had great features but reliability was very poor.I moved off to another host, and all has been pretty stable since. Not sure if they cleaned up their act, hard to beat their prices … if their service stayed up for longer than 2 days straight :0.

    GREAT PODCAST!! I try not to miss an episode, :) helps when i’m mowing my lawn. Refreshing to hear people that actually use stuff i do and have the same problems w/ it that i have hahah.

    Comment by YmeBP — December 3, 2006 @ 19:53

  4. Nem and crew,You were requesting listener feedback recently… Just wanted you to know that I’ve been listening to you guys for at least a year. I really enjoy the ‘anything goes’ format, and the candid, sometimes colorful language (shit, fuck, and ass). Political correctness is often times getting in the way of making things fun and interesting to listen to. It’s nice to listen to people, where you clearly get the sense that you’re all good pals with no hidden animosity. The format has this ‘good feel’ to it, and I would encourage you to keep doing this, the way it is.

    Anyways, just wanted to make sure that you know you have a regular listener here in San Jose.

    Keep them coming, and thanks again for doing this.

    Comment by Peter — December 8, 2006 @ 22:30

  5. Oddly enough, even though I’m not a huge lefsae fan, I am a huge fan of saunas (pronounced sow-na, not saw-na). My grandma was Finnish, so maybe that’s where that comes from.

    The whole Apple line keeps looking better and better to me. Just today, Parallels has announced a new version of their product that works with BootCamp. Up ’til now, you’ve had to install Windows *twice* if you wanted both virtual & native versions. Once in BootCamp and again in Parallels. No longer – Parallels can use your BootCamp partition instead. Also, they’ve got a new mode which makes it look like your Windows app is running native (even though its not). I’m downloading the beta to check it out now.

    Otherwise, yes, I think Apple needs a mid-line laptop. The cost for the Pro isn’t worth it in my book. Then again, I do very little FPS games or such, so I don’t really have any high-end graphics needs.

    Comment by Nem — December 1, 2006 @ 20:34

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