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Thursday, December 14, 2006

eMusic crosses 100M mark – The Digital Music Weblog

Thumbs up to eMusic, who’ve managed to pass the 100 Million download mark (all without DRM!) and congratulations to Michael Brennan, the lucky customer who downloaded that milestone track.

As promised earlier, the Barenaked Ladies will write and record a track all about Michael Brennan, which will then be packaged as a bonus track for the upcoming album, “Barenaked Ladies Are Men.” The track will also be available as a free download for a period in January as part of eMusic’s celebration.

Okay, so they’re nowhere near iTunes’ numbers, but still, not bad at all and there is some proof here that no-DRM music makes sense. If nothing else, Travis should be happy.

I’m very curious as to what a song about a dude who bought a song is going to sound like.

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