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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

So, after months of speculation, and many rumors sites pointing at the iPhone and Apple TV (formerly known as iTV) where you left out with a feeling of “…am I missing something?”

I am.

But I do realize the hours and hours that a product like iPhone could take to develop, after all it has like… many patents.

It is innovative. It is reinventing an industry.

Was it all we were expecting? certainly not after all the complaints and rants, and blogs and blogs about where was the Mac Pro, and the laptops, and Mac OS 10.5, and Vista, and the ZunePhone… oh wait, I am going over board.

Anyway, I am sure there is plenty to come this year.

And if you really think of all those patents on the iPhone, I just think that there is a future really amazing on Apple Inc.’s path. After they have developed the technology: Imagine new affordable keyboards that can be multi-touch and application sensitive just like the iPhone.

What about having a laptop that is all just a dynamic screen, talking about the ultimate tablet.

In any case, somebody knows of any good transparent polymer research firm? I need to invest on some clear coated screens :-)

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