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Monday, February 19, 2007

This is an obvious evolution, but it looks pretty nifty.  Bascially its a wireless router that can interface to your EVDO data capable cell phone.  What this means is that you can share your EVDO connection with those less fortunate non-EVDO-capable friends by serving up an access point that routes out your cell phone data service.  Now, you could do this by hacking together a machine to talk both and run HostAP but this is a nice “all in firmware” box that, theoretically, you just have to plug-in to the wall and your cell phone and “just works”. The advantage here i sthat you won’t have to set up yet another machine to run it. The disadvantage, as with anything firmware-based, you won’t have the control over exactly what its doing, and/or you won’t have the power to create the exact configuration you want, but if all you want is EVDO to 802.11 and back again, this could be the device for you… http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=524

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Monday, February 19, 2007

redemption in a blog – Sharing a USB printer from Mac OS X to Windows

After some trial and error, first with what made the most sense, and then with stuff I could glean off the Internet, I finally arrived at something that works. Maybe this would be useful for the next unfortunate bloke that needs to do this sharing of printers from Mac to Windows machines without a print server.

Kudos to Cheah Chu Yeow’s blog entry on getting a USB printer attached to a Mac to work from Windows. The solution is pretty typical – set up a simple queue to act as a filter. In this case, a filter that really does nothing, but is named more nicely (short and no spaces). Anyways, I’m happily printing from all my boxen (yes, boxen) to my crappy HP DeskJet printer, so thanks much, Chu!

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